The Postal Service: A Long Legacy

The Postal Service was trending long before 2020. Discover a few of the words past presidents and thought leaders have shared about the importance of this centuries-old establishment.


The Constitution Establishes the Right to Post

[The Congress shall have Power] To establish Post Offices and post Roads;

The Postal Service as a Public Convenience

...The power of establishing post-roads, must in every view be a harmless power; and may perhaps, by judicious management, become productive of great public conveniency. Nothing which tends to facilitate the intercourse between the States, can be deemed unworthy of the public care.

The Postal Service for Education and Protection

The importance of the Post-Office and Post-Roads, on a plan sufficiently liberal and comprehensive, as they respect the expedition, safety and facility of communication, is increased by the instrumentality in diffusing a knowledge of the laws and proceedings of the government; which, while it contributes to the security of the people, serves also to guard them against the effects of misrepresentation and misconception.

The Postal Service and Politics

The Administration has already put into effect the policy of refusing to remove any fourth-class postmasters save for reasons connected with the good of the service; and it is endeavoring so far as possible to remove them from the domain of partisan politics.

"...The swift completion of their appointed rounds."

There are now 38,215 rural routes, serving nearly 15,000,000 people who do not have the advantages of the inhabitants of cities in obtaining their supplies.

Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859, France), Democracy in America

The mail, that great link between minds, today penetrates into the heart of the wilderness.

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